5 Things We’re Excited About At Our New Location

1.       The location itself!
Our new location is just off of 131st  and Mill Plain, near Chuck’s Produce.  This location is much easier for our patients to find due to accessibility and visibility.  No more driving around in circles trying to find our clinic!  Our full address is 406 SE 131st Ave, Suite 203, Vancouver, WA 98683.

2.       The size of the clinic!
We’re so excited to offer our patients more space to be roomed in and treated.  Several of our current therapies are now able to be broken up into individual rooms, rather than squeezed into one room.  This will help promote patient comfort, relaxation, and privacy, as well as clinic organization and helping our practice run more smoothly.

3.       Room for expansion!
Due to the size of the clinic and the amount of rooms it has, we can now further discuss our ideas of expansion.  We’ve talked about adding therapies, such as massage, over the last several years and we now have the capability to make those dreams come true in the future.

4.       More team building!
Our team will now have more opportunities to work as one big, happy family because our offices will be in the same room.  This means more communication and evaluation of patient care in order to give patients the best treatment possible!

5.       Community outreach!
Due to the large amount of local businesses near the new location, we’ll be able to become more involved in our community and further promote reduction of narcotic dependency.  Our new location is also quite close to Chuck’s Produce, which has provided us with wonderful opportunities to share our stem cell seminars with the public.

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding during our time of construction.  We are so excited for our new location and hope you enjoy it as well.  If you have any questions, please call 360.433.9580.  Thank you!

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