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Our History and Who We Are

We are thankful for the opportunity to share about the history of our clinic. In 2010, Dr. Marksfeld had a vision of creating an integrated clinic to utilize both medical and alternative procedures. He started the NW Pain Institute, which combined his love for chiropractic therapies, laser/decompression therapies, and medical injections. Dr. Tom Kessinger became the chiropractor for the clinic and has been providing excellent patient care ever since.

Due to injuries from a car accident, Dr. Marksfeld sold the clinic to a close business partner of his, Dr. Schneider. In 2014, Dr. Schneider hired Amber and renamed the clinic the NW Pain Relief Center. He integrated his philosophies about healing by merging with similar clinics up in northern Washington. Dr. Schneider brought many powerful healing techniques to the clinic and implemented the use of stem cell therapy in his treatment protocols. A few years later, Dr. Schneider partnered with 2 other chiropractors to further expand clinic aims. The clinics were primarily located in northern Washington and Alaska.

Because the Vancouver location was very far away from their other clinics, Stephanie Jones, the clinic’s nurse practitioner, was given the opportunity to purchase the clinic on 9/16/17. She established an independent clinic with a new name: Pain Relief Partners. This name reflects the goal of partnering with the patient and other providers in the community to provide the best care possible to help people find pain relief.

Becoming clinic owner has allowed Stephanie the opportunity to expand the clinic and grow it into a place that offers specialized care to patients with specific needs. In 2019, Stephanie began studying functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and Amber, the clinic manager, enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Both completed their studies in 2020 giving Stephanie additional medical training in all body systems from a functional approach and establishing Amber as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. While Stephanie and Amber were doing their functional medicine training, in 2019 Dr. Kessinger became certified in the Zone Technique of Chiropractic adding to his skill set and bringing a technique to the clinic that has helped thousands of patients.

In 2020, Stephanie added bone marrow aspirate as a regenerative medicine option for those patients who prefer to use their own tissue instead of a donated tissue.

We have several treatment options for our patients including trigger point injections (injection into a muscle knot/tight band), joint injections, nerve blocks, chiropractic, nonsurgical spinal decompression, laser, light therapies, compression boots, hyperbaric chamber, supplements, health coaching, and more. Stephanie is board certified by the American Academy of Procedural Medicine and is able to utilize ultrasound guidance for joint injections and nerve blocks.

Nurse Practitioner Stephanie, Zone Chiropractor Dr. Kessinger, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Amber collaborate with the each other, the patient, and our team to provide the best care for everyone who comes to see us. Our clinic is one of a kind, and we are privileged to partner with you in your journey to health and in living a life with less pain!

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