Alternative Neuropathy Treatments

At Pain Relief Partners, we’re always coming up with new and innovative ways to reduce pain. One of our areas of expertise is treating peripheral neuropathy – nerve damage to the feet and/or hands. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can vary significantly from person to person. The nerves in the extremities are not connecting properly with the brain, and therefore, a variety of signals are interpreted incorrectly by the brain. These symptoms can include burning, tingling, numbness, loss of function, loss of feeling, sharp pains, dull pains, balance issues…the list goes on and on!

In order to help treat our patients who are experiencing this disease process, we must increase blood flow to the nerves. By increasing blood flow, we are able to nourish the damaged nerves with oxygen and nutrients. Over time, the connection will improve between the health of the nerve and the brain’s ability to interpret nerve signals properly. We increase blood flow by administering ankle blocks to the feet (check out our previous blog!) and follow that procedure with Healthlights and pneumatic compression boots. These two ancillary therapies are extremely beneficial in conjunction with the ankle injections, so we wanted to take a moment and explain how these treatments help relieve pain!

Healthlight is a US based company, that designs state of the art, FDA cleared LED photo-modulated equipment. Photo-modulated devices are essentially pulsing, light emitting diodes, also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT). These visible red-light LEDs and infrared technology provide a gentle, yet powerful light source proven to heal damaged tissue and nerves. When choosing light therapy products, it’s important to understand the wavelengths involved and the intensity of the light energy. Based on clinical literature, the most effective light therapy treatments are between the mid 600nm range and low to mid 800nm range, because of the way these levels effect the cellular respiration process. These devices are preset by the company and specially designed for treating peripheral neuropathy. The booties slip gently over the feet or hands, with little to no discomfort involved, and most patients find the sensation to be slightly warm and comfortable. The Healthlights remain on the feet or hands for about 20 minutes, during which time the patient is able to relax, read, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Healthlights are then followed by pneumatic compression boots. These boots are similar to those found in many hospitals and other healthcare establishments. They slip over the foot and leg and reach up to the thigh. Once these boots are programmed for each patient, they squeeze in increments up and down the feet and legs. This squeezing further promotes circulation and blood flow, which aids in pain relief. Most patients adore this treatment and look forward to the massaging pressure, which often helps relieve the burning sensations in the feet. These boots feel amazing, especially on tired, achy feet! This therapy segments lasts around 15 minutes while the patient relaxes and enjoys the soothing pressure.

If you would like to read further about Healthlight products and the studies conducted, check out their website at Also, feel free to ask us any questions at your next appointment, or by calling 360.433.9580! We can’t wait for you to experience these breakthrough therapies!

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