Christmas Gift Ideas When Shopping For Someone Struggling With Pain

It’s just a few weeks away from Christmas and we are all looking to finish our shopping for those we love and care about. It can be a hectic time of the year when we are thinking about all of our to-do lists but it certainly doesn’t have to be. If you have someone on your Christmas list that struggles with chronic pain, we have a few ideas for gifts that can take away the ‘think’ work.  

Heating Pads And Blankets

Christmas is not only a time of giving but it happens to be during the coldest seasons of the year which is why these gift ideas can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Electric blankets for bedding used to be a popular Christmas list item but now you can find heated throw blankets that can be used anywhere around the home. If you are wanting to localize the heat on the body there are also plenty of different heating pads to choose from that range from small to large in size. Heating pads and blankets are a great way to provide warmth and ease of pain within the body. 


Theraguns have been rated the best pain relief gift of 2022. There are many versions of these out there but we like the idea of the mini Theragun as it will be easy to store and easy to use for anyone. Theraguns are portable percussion massagers to relieve tight muscles and decrease pain. The minis are smaller, lighter massagers that still have the power to cut through muscle tightness. 

Neck Cradle

A neck cradle is a great way to relax the body as they allow for proper spinal position so that your body can fully relax. There are different variations of neck cradles but we like the ones that you can keep cold or hot to help with muscle tension. This particular neck cradle not only allows for heat or can be kept cold but can also be easily cleaned

Infrared Light Therapy Device

Infrared light therapy helps with skin, repairing deep tissue and muscles, recovery process, cell stimulation and mental health just to name a few. A medical grade red light therapy device is a great tool to have at home if you are experiencing chronic pain and they are easy to purchase. 

CBD Roll-Ons

CBD has been shown to provide dramatic effects on both the physical body and mental health of a person. They often come in a variety of different fragrances to your liking and having CBD in a roll-on is a convenient way to help relieve pain. We do recommend a high potency roll on for effective relief. 

Acupuncture Mat

Acupuncture mats are great at stimulating your blood circulation as well as easing pain in the body. You can find them as sets or even find acupuncture mats or pads that are specific to a part of the body like feet. These mats can help reduce stress and allow the entire body to benefit from just lying on the mat for a period of time. 

Reading Pillow

We have reading pillows on the list because they allow for support when you want to sit up in bed or need better back support on the couch or floor. The low back often suffers from poor support while we engage in activities like book reading or watching TV which can then lead to lower back pain. Having a supportive pillow to help prevent pain is a great gift idea for that avid reader you know! 

Gift Cards

Alas, we have gift cards. When you can’t commit to a gift idea out of worry that the one you are getting a gift for may not like what you chose or you simply want them to be able to pick out their own gift, a gift card is a perfect choice. A gift card is also a great choice when you want to bless them with a specific gift towards a certain business. For those suffering from pain, we find that relief is one thing but discovering the root of the pain so that one may look forward to healing is another. With this in mind, we recommend getting your family or friend a gift card at Pain Relief Partners so that they can step into a journey of discovering the reasons for their pain and how to manage it or find healing

No matter what you decide to get for your friend or loved one we hope you come across the perfect gift so that the one who is struggling with pain can find relief and be able to enjoy their days. 

Merry Christmas! 

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