Failed Back Surgery

Professional Care For Failed Back Surgery in Vancouver WA

What is Failed Back Surgery Care?

If you suffer from chronic back pain in or around Vancouver, Washington and have previously had back surgery, you may be a candidate for failed back surgery treatment. At Pain Relief Partners, we offer treatment for patients who have undergone one or more surgeries and still experience persistent symptoms. We use non-invasive treatments to help patients manage pain and achieve a higher quality of life. Symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome include chronic leg pain, chronic back pain, joint instability, muscle weakness, pain shooting down one or both legs, and sometimes even the return of the symptoms the surgery was meant to alleviate. Because back surgery is often used as a last resort for those suffering chronic back pain, symptoms of failed back surgery can be particularly devastating. At Pain Relief Partners, we use non-invasive procedures to treat Failed Back Syndrome. The most effective treatment we offer is Wharton’s Jelly stem cell therapy at the site of the injury or cause of pain. We provide patients in Vancouver, Washington with pain management techniques that are natural, non-invasive, gentle, effective, and drug free.

In Vancouver, Washington chronic pain management is offered at Pain Relief Partners. We use customized treatment plans to address each patient uniquely. We work to alleviate pain and symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome in a non-invasive way, using treatments such as trigger point injections, non-surgical spinal decompression, chiropractic care, and deep tissue laser therapy. By using these non-invasive therapies, we’re able to help not just with failed back surgery treatment, but with a number of other concerns as well.

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