Join Us For A Stem Cell Seminar!

Have you attended a Pain Relief Partners stem cell seminar yet?  If not, it’s a must!

On Wednesday, February 7th, we held a stem cell seminar at US Digital, which is just up the road from our clinic location.  We held one seminar at 11 AM, followed by another seminar at 1 PM.  Over 40 people attended these seminars, and lunch was catered by Chuck’s Produce.  Everyone had a wonderful time and left with lots of great information!

Each seminar lasted about an hour, followed by a question and answer session with all our guests.  Stephanie and Dr. Kessinger discussed the ins and outs of stem cell therapy, including what stem cells are, how our company obtains the product, and all the exciting treatments we can provide using stem cells.  Stem cells are a wonderful treatment option for pain.  Knees, shoulders, fingers, hips, back…you name it, stem cells can help!  There is also hope for relieving the symptoms of autoimmune and systemic diseases, such as Lupus, Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia.

We understand that with any unfamiliar therapy option, you’ll have questions, concerns, and wish to learn more.  We hold these stem cell seminars for that very reason.  There is SO MUCH to learn about what these amazing cells can do for the body.  Our favorite way to inform people is to hold these seminars where everybody can learn and ask questions in a comfortable environment.

There is a great deal of interest regarding stem cell therapy and many people are hopping on board in support of this treatment option.  In fact, the owner of Chuck’s Produce is extremely supportive of this treatment.  We’d like to give a huge thank you to everybody at Chuck’s for providing lunch for these past two seminars.  Chuck’s provided delicious sandwiches, chips, cupcakes, and drinks for this event and everyone who attended was very grateful for the amazing food.  And learning is always more fun with a full plate of food ?.

In the near future, we will be hosting more stem cell seminars at various locations.  If you were unable to attend last Wednesday, keep your eye out for upcoming seminars.  As always, these seminars are complimentary.  If group seminars are not ideal for you, we are happy to offer private stem cell seminars at our clinic for you, your friends, and/or family.  Please give us a call at 360.433.9580 to learn more about these seminars and stem cell therapy.  We are SO excited to share this phenomenal treatment with you!

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