My Feet Are Numb… Why Numb Them More?

It’s no secret that Pain Relief Partners has successfully treated many cases of peripheral neuropathy.  The procedure we use is called an ankle block and involves injections of local anesthetic into the feet. The anesthetic numbs the feet (especially at the beginning of treatment) and the patient may not realize they are numb due to decreased sensation in the feet. After injection therapy, the patient is taken to our back office area to receive treatment with Healthlight (monochromatic lights specially made to treat neuropathy), compression, and vibration therapies (more blogs to come!).  The question we’re often asked is: Why are you numbing my feet when my neuropathy causes numbness to begin with?  Great question!  So, let’s talk about it!

First, it’s important to understand what peripheral neuropathy is.  Peripheral neuropathy, in short, is nerve damage and pain.  Nerve pain may feel like a tingling sensation, sharp pins and needles, burning, itching, stabbing, and/or numbness.  People often report feeling like they’re wearing a layer of clothing over their skin, or that a sensation of tightness is present when bare skin is exposed.  Sometimes the pain occurs randomly and other times it is triggered.  Time of day, physical activity, bodily positions, and/or sleeping are all examples of nerve pain triggers.  These pains lead to difficulty in balance, weakness, unbearable pain sensations, and/or the inability to feel sensations accurately.

What causes this to happen to the nerves?  This is not an easy question to answer.  Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by disease (diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, etc), neurological conditions, mechanical issues within the body itself (misalignment, muscle issues), trauma, and genetics, or the cause can be unknown (we call this idiopathic peripheral neuropathy).  Regardless of the cause, peripheral neuropathy can lead to major loss of quality of life.

Bottom line, you don’t have to suffer.  We are here to help treat your neuropathy.  Our primary treatment option for this condition is stem cell therapy which can actually regrow the damaged nerves and relieve the symptoms of neuropathy!  There will be future blogs with detailed information about stem cell therapy, but in the meantime, head over to our website and click the stem cell link to learn more about the power of this therapy.  There is information specific to neuropathy treatment as well as general information about stem cells and why we chose the high end product that we use

Our secondary treatment option is the use of the combination of lidocaine and bupivacaine, which are both local anesthetics (numbing agents).  The reason these anesthetics help treat peripheral neuropathy is because they increase circulation and promote blood flow to the small, peripheral vessels of the feet.  This provides an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the affected nerves.  When oxygen and nutrients are brought to the cells, it forces them to create new, healthy cells.  Over time, this process will help to rejuvenate your nerves, even though you may experience numbness from the injections themselves.  We combine these injections with other therapies, such as laser treatments, Healthlights, and compression, all of which further promote circulation and help reconnect your brain’s recognition of the nerves in your feet, and how they should properly feel.

We understand that peripheral neuropathy can dramatically decrease your quality of life.  Let’s put a stop to it together!  Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kessinger to learn more and start feeling better today!

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