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Private Stem Cell Seminars

Private Stem Cell Seminars

At Pain Relief Partners, we understand that choosing a treatment option can be overwhelming.  Many fears and uncertainties may arise and we want you to feel fully prepared when making a decision.

We are a local leader in stem cell therapy, and we’ve performed treatments with great success.  We acknowledge that you have questions and concerns, and these are important to us.  Therefore, we decided that the best way to familiarize people with stem cell therapy is to educate you about the amazing potential of these little cells.

We have held multiple complimentary stem cell seminars at our clinic and many patients have taken advantage of this unique service.  However, in the coming year we wanted to kick it up a notch!  At Pain Relief Partners we are now offering personalized stem cell seminars for you, your friends, and your family.  When you reserve a complimentary stem cell seminar with us, we will educate your personal circle of invitees.  The options are endless!  We can accommodate one person or many!

If you prefer a one-on-one session, those are, of course, available.  However, we noticed many of our patients’ friends and families had questions about stem cell therapy as well, which is why we wanted to make this unique service available to you.  Come spend an hour with us as we openly discuss and educate about stem cell therapy.  Also, our team is here to answer any questions you and your party may have.

Call us at 360.433.9580 and let us know you’re interested in a personalized stem cell seminar prepared just for you.  As always, these seminars are a complimentary service.  Just let us know your party size and the date you’d like to come see us, and we’ll do the rest!  We can’t wait to discuss this exciting treatment option with you and your loved ones!

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