Regenerative Medicine

Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider in Vancouver WA

What is Regenerative Medicine

At Pain Relief Partners, non-invasive procedures are the mainstay of our practice. Using the most up to date techniques, our team treats patients as whole people. We provide a comprehensive assessment in order to design a customized strategy for pain relief for our patients in Vancouver, Washington. Research in the field of regenerative medicine has advanced to a point that, at Pain Relief Partners, regenerative medicine is the shining star of our treatments. It is used with the hope of helping our patients attain optimal wellness and achieve a higher quality of life.

Until recently, treatment options for people with degenerative conditions were limited. Not many years ago, steroid injections, prescription medications, and joint replacement surgeries were often the only treatment options offered to patients. Now, in Vancouver, Washington, you can receive regenerative medicine injections at Pain Relief Partners! Research shows that this treatment can be beneficial for orthopedic needs such as arthritis. Regenerative medicine encourages your body to use it’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, this therapy actually promotes repair of the body to help your body restore degenerated tissues to cushion and repair areas that have aged or been injured.

The regenerative medicine therapies we offer fit well with the integrated approach to wellness that we that we use for all of our treatments at Pain Relief Partners. We seek an approach to overall wellness, addressing the source of issues, rather than just treating symptoms. Our bodies are amazingly capable of healing, and we want to help you experience that.

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