Regenerative Medicine

Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider in Vancouver WA

What is Regenerative Medicine

At Pain Relief Partners, non-invasive procedures are the mainstay of our practice. Using the most up to date techniques, our team treats patients as whole people. We provide a comprehensive assessment in order to design a customized strategy for pain relief for our patients in Vancouver, Washington. Research in the field of regenerative medicine has advanced to a point that, at Pain Relief Partners, regenerative medicine is the shining star of our treatments. It is used with the hope of helping our patients attain optimal wellness and achieve a higher quality of life.

Until recently, treatment options for people with degenerative conditions were limited. Not many years ago, steroid injections, prescription medications, and joint replacement surgeries were often the only treatment options offered to patients. Now, in Vancouver, Washington, you can receive regenerative medicine injections at Pain Relief Partners! Research shows that this treatment can be beneficial for symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, neuropathy, chronic pain, disc bulge and/or herniation, spinal stenosis, joint pain, motor vehicle accidents, and more. Regenerative medicine encourages your body to use it’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, this therapy actually promotes repair of the body to help your body restore degenerated tissues to cushion and repair areas that have aged or been injured.

The regenerative medicine therapies we offer fit well with the integrated approach to wellness that we that we use for all of our treatments at Pain Relief Partners. We seek an approach to overall wellness, addressing the source of issues, rather than just treating symptoms. Our bodies are amazingly capable of healing, and we want to help you experience that.

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What Is Wharton’s Jelly and How Is It Collected?

Wharton’s jelly is found in the umbilical cord, the life source between mom and baby while baby is growing in the womb. During pregnancy, donors can volunteer to donate the umbilical cord during a scheduled cesarean delivery. Prior to delivery, social and biological screenings are performed to make sure the tissue will be healthy (no communicable diseases or behavioral risks). At the time of the scheduled cesarean delivery, a licensed professional is present to collect the umbilical cord after the full-term healthy human birth, and it is transported overnight to the lab to be sanitized and cleaned before processing. This is done using aseptic protocols and the Wharton’s jelly is cryogenically frozen to preserve mesenchymal cells, structural matrix, hyaluronic acid, cytokines, proteins, and growth factors. Before being delivered overnight on dry ice to Pain Relief Partners, a sample is sent to a 3rd party lab for testing to be sure the product is safe for your treatment. Once delivered to our clinic, the tissue is kept in liquid nitrogen at a specific temperature to maintain cell viability. All of this is done to give you the BEST and SAFEST treatment possible.

What If I Don’t Want to Have a Bone Marrow Aspiration Done?

Some people prefer not to have a bone marrow aspiration done and want to know what other options are available. In addition to Bone Marrow, we have the privilege of using Wharton’s Jelly allografts. An allograft is a donated tissue from the same species, in this case umbilical cord tissue that is donated after a live, full term, healthy human cesarean delivery. It contains mesenchymal cells, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, proteins, exosomes, and cytokines all of which work together to decrease inflammation and help your body repair damaged tissue.

It is an honor to use GeneXStem from Dr. El-Amin for all of our Wharton’s Jelly procedures. Dr. El-Amin has published 40 articles in medical journals and is an international and national expert on orthopedics and regenerative medicine. He is board certified in several specialties including orthopedic surgery and uses regenerative medicine regularly for his own patients. In addition to his medical degree and board certifications, Dr. El-Amin earned his PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology.

Why BioIntegrate and GeneXStem?

There are many sources available for use in the medical field that have the potential for healing. At Pain Relief Partners, we strive to offer the BEST quality and care to our patients. After much research and consideration, it is clear that Wharton’s jelly from BioIntegrate (GeneXStem mentioned above) is the tissue we want to use for our patients. These cells come from a biologically young source, have the ability to replicate, and have viable (LIVING) tissue containing mesenchymal cells, hyaluronic acid, cytokines, exosomes, growth factors, and more. Additionally, Dr. El-Amin’s lab is state of the art and does testing above and beyond the recommended testing for this tissue including testing for West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and HSV (herpes simplex virus) that is not done by some other labs. Call our clinic to learn more about the product components of the tissue from GeneXSTEM.

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