Treatment for Headaches

Do you suffer from constant or severe headaches? If so, you may do what most Americans do: simply just reach for the medicine cabinet. Yes, over-the-counter products may relieve headache pain, but that relief is often short-lived. Instead of masking the pain with over-the-counter products, seek a proper diagnosis and long-term relief at Pain Relief Partners where you can receive multiple modalities of treatment to help you get relief.

Why should you see Pain Relief Partners if you suffer from severe or constant headaches? We offer injection therapy from our nurse practitioner, chiropractic care from our chiropractor, and kindness and understanding from our entire team.

Headaches have many causes. For example, stress can be a trigger for headaches as can chronic muscle contractions that can lead to a spinal distortion, which is a common cause of headaches. Car accident victims commonly suffer from whiplash. If improperly treated, this can also lead to headaches. Without treatment, the pain will continue, and it may get worse overtime.

How can seeing a nurse practitioner and chiropractor help headaches? It all depends on the cause. If everyday stress is to blame, these medical providers may suggest relaxing exercises at home, stretching, physical therapy, massage therapy, or other techniques to help you with your type of headaches. If the headaches are caused by spinal distortion, a vertebrae alignment may be performed. This gentle adjustment alleviates the pressure from nerves and muscles and can reduce headache pain and frequency.

Will the headaches stop after seeking care at Pain Relief Partners? We sure hope so! It is important to remember that headaches are caused by many factors, and if those factors are not treated, changed, or eliminated from your life, then the headaches will likely return. For example, if stress is the cause of your headaches and you are unable to reduce the stress in your life, the headaches will probably persist. If the cause of your headaches is spinal distortion, vertebrae realignment will help, and you will likely need regular adjustments to keep the spine in alignment. These adjustments may be every few weeks to every month and may eventually only be needed when you start to feel a headache coming on. You may get another headache from just having a bad day at work. You and your nurse practitioner and chiropractor will work together to create a plan for long-term pain relief.

What should you ask your providers after treatment?  Many patients mistakenly believe they are treated and no longer need to seek treatment. Care at Pain Relief Partners does not mean long-term care. Before parting ways, however, ask your providers for suggestions to later prevent headache pain or lessens the severity. As previously stated, trigger factors need to be eliminated. Not only that, proper posture is important. This is a chiropractor’s specialty. Ask them about natural ways to prevent pain, including relaxation and proper posture.

In short, headaches have many causes. Don’t mask the pain. See what you can do to get longterm and long-lasting relief. So, the next time you get a severe, long-lasting, or recurring headache, don’t head to the medicine cabinet. Instead, head to Pain Relief Partners.

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