Trigger Point Injections

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What are Trigger Point Injections

As part of an integrated approach to healthcare, Pain Relief Partners offers trigger point injection therapy in Vancouver, Washington. At Pain Relief Partners, trigger point injections are offered to help improve the health of our patients and help them live more active lives.

Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in tight bands of muscles that cause discomfort. This discomfort restricts movement and causes muscle weakness as well as referred or radiating pain that spreads to other areas. Symptoms of trigger points may include burning, tingling, aching, sharpness, tightness, pins and needles, aching, dullness, and tenderness. Trigger points can also manifest in a wide range of ailments, including tension headaches, tinnitus, neck pain, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), and low back pain. Trigger points can be linked with chronic musculoskeletal disorders but they can also occur from sleeping in an unusual position, reaching or twisting, carrying heavy objects, or even stress.

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Our Trigger Point Injections Treatments

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Pain Relief Partners works with individual patients, creating an effective treatment strategy for each particular case. Sometimes patients describe their areas of trigger points as tightness, balls of muscle, knots, tension, or stress in their muscles. The injections contain a combination of two local anesthetics: lidocaine and bupivacaine. These medications vasodilate the vessels of the muscle allowing more blood flow to the muscle. This in turn provides more oxygen and nutrients, supplying the muscle with much needed nourishment that it has been lacking while it was tight and “bound up.” In addition to vasodilation, the use of the needle for the injections creates pathways for the blood to flow into the trigger point and supply it with the oxygen and nutrients it has been craving.

After treatment with trigger point injections, it may be recommended that patients also receive treatment with percussion and arthrostim (see the chiropractic section), chiropractic care, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, hyperbaric chamber, or deep tissue laser therapy. Just as our team works together to give you the best results possible, these treatments work together to provide your muscles with best treatment possible to restore your body to optimum health and allow you to live a life with less pain. Make an appointment today so we can talk with you about treatment options and how we can help you lower your pain!

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