Understanding Carpal Tunnel And Ways To Treat It

There are many things that over time could lead to carpal tunnel. For example, many people who work on computers experience carpal tunnel. The use of your fingers and hands while working hours a day all through the week can easily be a leading cause to this syndrome though there are many activities which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. 

What Is Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is, essentially, a pinched nerve. The Median Nerve which runs from your spine through your arm can become pinched in your wrist area. This causes numbness and tingling in your wrist and hand and can limit the strength and use of the hands, fingers, and wrists. This nerve gets pinched, most commonly, through the repetitive motion of the wrist. Motions such as typing, lifting, and moving objects in a similar way every day can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. While you may not be able to avoid every repetitive task, it is important to learn how to function in the best way possible to limit the symptoms you are experiencing.

Common Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms of carpal tunnel usually come on gradually and include tingling and numbness. You may notice these sensations or lack thereof in your fingers or hand especially the thumb, index and middle or ring fingers. For some, it feels close to the feeling of an electric shock running through the fingers. This feeling or a feeling similar can travel from your wrist up to your arm at any point of the day. Numbness may even become constant over time. 

Another symptom is weakness which can be experienced in your hand causing you to drop objects. Sensations that develop to a constant state and interfere with everyday normal activities and sleep should be addressed with a healthcare specialist. Permanent nerve and muscle damage can occur if left untreated. 

Ways To Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At Pain Relief Partners, we diagnose your wrist and hand pain properly and set up a treatment plan for each individual patient. We use non-invasive treatments such as kinesio tape, deep tissue laser therapy, and chiropractic care including manual exercises to treat carpal tunnel syndrome without resorting to surgeries. We are happy to report that our dedicated staff oftentimes successfully treats carpal tunnel syndrome without performing surgery. Common treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome are chiropractic care, laser therapy and strengthening exercises along with surgery if it is absolutely needed. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms with your wrists and hands give Pain Relief Partners a call as their team is happy and able to help you on your path to optimal wellness. 

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